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Peter Bittner    Peter H. Bittner, Dipl.-Ing. (MSc)
Current address:
Rodauner Str. 31
A-1230 Vienna
cellular: ++43 (650) 4151545
fax: ++39 (06) 233229327
Alternative address:
Waltendorfer Str. 43
A-9020 Klagenfurt
phone: ++43 (650) 4151545
fax: ++39 (06) 233229327


Personal Information

Nationality: Austria
Age: 31 years
Place of birth: Klagenfurt (Austria)
Civil state: married, 2 children


Software development, usability engineering, project management


1999 / 2000 Aston University
Birmingham (United Kingdom)
One year of foreign study (ERASMUS). Department of Computer Science.
1994 - 2003 Graz University of Technology
Graz (Austria)
Department of Mathematics. Study of Applied Mathematics, branch Information Processing. Thesis: "A Mathematical Model for Data Integration Systems" (TUG/2003)
1989 - 1993 High school  (BG/BRG Mössingerstraße)
Klagenfurt (Austria)
High school stressing modern languages (French), with compulsory-to-choose subject Computer Science, programming project-work on "Data Compression" for the school-leaving exams, school-leaving exams (equiv. A-levels) with straight A.
1985 - 1989 Middle school  (BG/BRG Völkermarkter Ring)
Klagenfurt (Austria)
Grammar school (with Latin).
1981 - 1985 Elementary school  (Volksschule 23)
Klagenfurt (Austria)



German (mother tongue), English, Italian, French

Work Experience

since March 2004 TeamWORKS Consulting & Engineering GmbH
(renamed by January 2006: gT-Consulting GmbH)
Vienna (Austria)
Employed as IT consultant. Primary focus on software development and integration.
January 2004 Inode Telekommunikationsdienstleistungs GmbH
Graz (Austria)
Team leader core development team.
May-December 2003 TeamWORKS Consulting & Engineering GmbH
Wörgl (Austria)
Business development, acquiring, customer contact, project preparations in the field of moving to the Linux desktop. Freelancer contract.
May-November 2002 TeamWORKS Consulting & Engineering GmbH
Graz (Austria)
IT consultant and software engineer. Development of documentation software for the inspection process of assembly parts in the automotive industry. Leading devoloper for the front-end (design and programming of a Java UI), development of the back-end (SQL and PL/SQL programming on Oracle database), responsible for quality assurance throughout the whole software engineering process. Project for MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik, QA department, in co-operation with ALTRAN partner GOSCH Consulting GmbH, Graz.
March/April and summer 2001 COMMARO mobile trading systems GmbH
Klagenfurt (Austria)
Research in the field of data integration systems, development of related software. Tested MS BizTalk Server and IBM MQSeries Integrator for data and application integration. (Part of diploma thesis)
summer 2000 UNiQUARE GmbH (former GENESiS GmbH)
Krumpendorf/Wörthersee (Austria)
Design and development of a Java-Swing GUI (HiTS Administration Tool) to manage database content for a personalized mobile marketplace.
1998 - 2002
and 2004
Austrian Association for Health Promotion (Österr. Gesellschaft für Gesundheitsförderung)
Klagenfurt / Vienna (Austria)
Development of corporate website, intranet solution for data administration (members, activities, internal communication), webmaster and technical director, member of the advisory board. 2004: Remittance works (website enhancements, intranet improvements).
summer 1999 VEXCEL Corporation - Image Information Engineering
Boulder, Colorado (USA)
Design and development of a 2D-plotter program in Java for visualisation of satellite data; development of various modules in C++ used by different applications.
summer 1998 VEXCEL Corporation - Image Information Engineering
Boulder, Colorado (USA)
Development of a platform independent grafical user interface (GUI) in Java for SGI, Alpha and SUN workstations.
summer 1997 Austrian Federal Army
Klagenfurt (Austria)
s-Kp/JgR 7, instructor (retraining/PAL).
summer 1996 Austrian Federal Army
Klagenfurt (Austria)
2nd Kp/JgR 7, instructor for soldiers (ABA).
summer 1995 Austrian Federal Army
Spittal/Drau (Austria)
1st Kp/JgR 12, instructor for soldiers (ABA and WBA/PAL).
summer 1993 Kärntner Landesversicherung  (Carinthian Insurance Company)
Klagenfurt (Austria)
Department of Support Service for insurance brokers. Development of a computer program for brokers.
summer 1992 Raiffeisen
Klagenfurt (Austria)
Computer center of the Raiffeisen bank, archive data backups.
summer 1991 BASIC Computer Systems
Klagenfurt (Austria)
Department of Quality Assurance, hardware-tests & software installations.

Extracurricular Education

1997 - 2005 Seminars on leadership and personal development
Military Academy of Austria, Wr. Neustadt
Various seminars and courses on both non-military and military topics.
summer 1992 Language Holidays in France
Cannes, Côte d'Azur (France)
summer 1990 Computer-Academy of IBM  (CAK'90)
Vienna (Austria)
Development and presentation of a menuprogram, developed in C.
summer 1989 Language Holidays in Great Britain
London (United Kingdom)

References and Certifications

Reference letter TeamWORKS Consulting & Engineering GmbH, Vienna/Wörgl (Austria); May-November 2002; (
Reference letter VEXCEL Corporation, Boulder, Colorado (USA); summers 1998/99; (
Certificate Certification of academic degree, Graz University of Technology (Austria, EU); 2003
Certificate Equivalence to MSc degree, Graz University of Technology (Austria, EU); 2003

Military Service

1993 / 1994 One year of voluntary military service.
Officer of the reserve of the Austrian Federal Army.

Interests and Activities

Programming (Java, C, C++, Python, etc.; private development of open source programs), Web design (PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, computer grafics, etc.), Administration of Linux systems, Sports (handball, snowboarding), Culture, Languages.


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