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Peter Bittner    Resumé  for  Peter H. Bittner
Current address:
Rodauner Str. 31
A-1230 Vienna
cellular: ++43 (650) 4151545
fax: ++39 (06) 233229327
Alternative address:
Waltendorfer Str. 43
A-9020 Klagenfurt
phone: ++43 (650) 4151545
fax: ++39 (06) 233229327



Graz University of Technology (Austria)
Study of Applied Mathematics (branch Information Processing). (1994-2003)
Aston University (United Kingdom)
One year of foreign study at the department of Computer Science. (1999/2000)


Information Processing I+II, Programming I+II, Linear Algebra I+II, Computer Organization I, Discrete Structures, Mathematical Proseminar (Quaternions), Data Structures and Algorithms, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Geometrical Algorithms, Numerical Computations, Numerical Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science I+II, Calculus I+II, Complex Calculus, Abstract Algebra, Measure Theory and Theory of Integration, Differential Equations I, Operating Systems I, Programming Languages Concepts and Paradims, Computer Networks, Legal, Professional and Social Aspects of Computing, Geographic Information Systems, Multimedia Systems, Object-Oriented Software (C++), Seminar Multimedia Systems (library database with web-frontend), Seminar Applied Information Systems (benchmarking of Java cryptography providers), Human-Computer Interaction, Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, Mathematical Optimization, Functional Analysis, Mathematical Modelling.


German (mother tongue), English, Italian, French.

Computer Related Skills

C, C++, C# (.NET), Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, ADA, Basic, Pascal (OOP), 8086 Assembly Language, Miranda (Amanda), PL/SQL, SQL (Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL), WML, UML, Maple, Matlab, LaTeX, Arc/Info, ArcView, Imageworks PCI, GRASS, Adobe Photoshop, Corel products, Gimp, Paint Shop Pro (incl. Animation Shop), Macromedia Director, Microsoft Office,, KOffice, MS BizTalk Server, IBM MQSeries Integrator, Unix/Linux software development tools (gcc, g++, gdb, purify), Eclipse, JBuilder, JDeveloper, KDevelop, MS Visual Studio, MS Visual Studio .NET, MS SourceSafe, CVS/CVSNT, Subversion, UNIX, Linux (Kubuntu, Debian, SuSE, Slackware, RedHat), MS-DOS, Windows 2k3/2k/NT/XP/ME/95/98/3.x, MacOS.

Work History

Internet projects/
Web pages
Designed, wrote and maintained complete homepage for the "Austrian Association for Health Promotion" ( Dealt with HTML/PHP/JavaScript programming, MySQL database access, web usability concerns, e-mail and webspace management, complete website lifecycle. (1998-2002)
Author of "Introduction to HTML", an online course for HTML. ( (1998)
Wrote complete homepage for the Austrian Students Organization, branch Mathematics. (1998)
Wrote parts of homepage for the department of Theoretical Computer Science (see below). ( (1997)
Script programming languages, CGI Library database with web frontend (Python via CGI) for personal use (see below, databases; 2000).
Attempts to port CGI-Python code to mod_python on Apache web server. (2000-03)
Several other programming tasks (mathematical optimization, design and analysis of algorithms) realized in Python. (2000-03)
Shell programming (bash, csh, tcsh and others) for automation of everyday tasks, e.g. simple daily database backup. (1999-2002)
PHP programming for the "Austrian Association for Health Promotion" (see above), including Intranet solutions providing a one-click-update interface for e-mail distribution lists holding different classes of the association's members, data management interfaces, data download facilities, etc. (2001/02)
Java and JavaScript
Programmed database front-end (Java GUI) for an Oracle database using the customer's framework (called SyFrame). (IT consultant at TeamWORKS Consulting & Engineering GmbH; project for Magna-Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik; Graz/Austria, 2002)
Wrote command-line tool which reads from and writes to IBM MQSeries queues, and can manipulate data (XML/CSV conversion) beforehand and afterwards (MQSI Connector Toolkit by COMMARO, part of diploma thesis; COMMARO mobile trading systems GmbH, Klagenfurt/Austria). (summer 2001)
Designed and developed a Java-Swing GUI to benchmark cryptography providers (IAIK Cryptography Benchmark Environment; Graz University of Technology, department of Applied Computer Science). (April/May 2001)
Designed and developed a 2D-plotter program in Java for visualisation of satellite data at VEXCEL Corp. (Image Information Engineering), Boulder (CO), USA. (summer 1999)
Wrote parts of a platform independent graphical user interface (SARPS2) in Java (for SGI, Alpha and SUN workstations) at VEXCEL Corporation, Boulder (CO), USA. (summer 1998)
Wrote various JavaScript-routines that are used on my personal homepage as well as homepages developed for Paul Bittner, Tania Monti, Austrian Students Organization, Austrian Association for Health Promotion. (1997-99).
C and C++
Developed program to demonstrate numerical computations for linear and non-linear equation systems as well as interpolations (used KDevelop on Linux). Implemented algorithms: Newton-Raphson, Newton single-step, Steffensen, SOR. (Numerical Mathematics; Graz University of Technology, department of Mathematics D). (2001)
Developed various modules in C++ used by different applications at VEXCEL Corporation, Boulder (CO), USA. (summer 1999)
Wrote parts (modules) of the OSP (Operation System Projects) as part of a project in C under UNIX (general interrupt handler, timer-, device- and I/O interrupt handler, scheduler, modules Memory and PageInt). (Graz University of Technology, department of Applied Computer Science) (1997)
Wrote program that manipulates matrices with the following algorithms: Gauss, Gauss-Banachiewicz, Crout, Cholesky. (Numerical Computations; Graz University of Technology, department of Mathematics D). (1996)
Wrote some shareware and freeware programs:
  • The MenuManager (a professional menu-program with SAA-interface to run Windows- and DOS programs and documents. Integrated help engine that uses a compressed help file (Huffman-coding). English and German version. Shareware. Development 1993-1995. Some improvements 1996/97.)
  • Compression utilities
    1. COMPRIM: Run-length and Huffman coding. Freeware.
    2. LZWarc: Lempel-Ziv-Welch coding (LZW). Creates archives like Lha/LHArc or PkZip do. Creates selfextracting archives. Adaptable by many command-line options and switches. Freeware.
    Both programs formed a project that was part of my school-leaving exam (1993).
  • The CoverManager (a WYSIWYG-cover-creator for tapes and CDs with intuitive SAA-user interface. Freeware. 1992/93)
  • Several file manipulation utilities (Exchange, Copybyte, Xdel, Check4Key and others)
  • Wrote program for an Austrian insurance-company (department for real estate agents). Data of client and object to be insured must be entered; then cost is calculated and contract is printed. Intuitive interface. (summer 1993)
  • Wrote a complete toolbox to create DOS-programs with SAA-compatible user interface (1992-1994).
UNIX and Linux Network related experience (see below): Linux server and client administration; configuration of web-/file-/print-server, internet gateway, firewall, Samba, NFS, NIS, LDAP, security and backup issues, etc. (2000-03)
Designed and developed 2D-plotter in Java to visualize satellite data; developed platform independent graphical user interface (GUI) in Java at VEXCEL Corporation, Boulder (CO), USA (see above). (summers 1998/99)
Wrote parts of homepage for the department of Theoretical Computer Science. Worked with Tex2Html-converter, Emacs and other tools (Graz University of Technology, department of Theoretical Computer Science). (1997)
C-programming (see above). (1997)
Databases and Application Integration SQL and PL/SQL programming in the development of a Java database front-end for Oracle at Magna-Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik. (Graz/Austria, 2002)
Programming experience with MySQL as backend of a dynamic PHP-driven webpage (Austrian Association for Health Promotion). (2001/02)
Tested Microsoft BizTalk Server and IBM MQSeries Integrator for application and data integration (XML technology, message queueing). (Part of diploma thesis; COMMARO mobile trading systems GmbH, Klagenfurt/Austria). (2001)
Designed and developed full-featured library database with web-interface, cross-platform design (platform and database independent, tested with Oracle and MySQL) and simplified query language for advanced search queries. (LibrisLibris, Seminar Multimedia Systems; Individual Project at Aston University, Birmingham/UK). (2000)
Basic and Pascal
Wrote 3 programs with object orientated programming in Pascal (Checkers, DataTypes (stack, sorted chained list, sorted binary tree), cash register) (1994/95) and a seminar-organization program (scheduler). (Graz University of Technology, department of Information Processing) (1995)
Various tools and useful programs in Basic.
Some Visual-Basic code in MS Access databases.
Programming on
hardware simulators
Wrote marquee (on LCD display) and gamechip with 4 games on a hardware simulator (SIM). (Graz University of Technology, department of Applied Computer Science) (1995)
Hardware and Network related experience Linux server administration (private LAN), Windows 2000 Server administration (as needed for testing MS BizTalk Server, see above). (2001/02)
Archive data backups (Raiffeisen Computer Center, Klagenfurt/Austria). (summer 1992)
Hardware tests and software installations (BASIC Computer Systems, QA-department, Klagenfurt/Austria). (summer 1991)

Other Activities

Webmaster and consultant of the Austrian Association for Health Promotion,, (1999-2002).
Private lessons in programming (C++, Visual Basic) for students of technical schools (HTL), (1998-2003).
Wrote booklet for university lecture "Data Structures and Algorithms" (110 pages), (1997). Used for lectures by the department of Theoretical Computer Science.
Wrote booklet for university lecture "Geometrical Algorithms" (90 pages), (1996). Used for lectures by the department of Theoretical Computer Science.

References and Certifications

Reference letter TeamWORKS Consulting & Engineering GmbH, Vienna/Wörgl (Austria); May-November 2002; (
Reference document VEXCEL Corporation, Boulder, Colorado (USA); summers 1998/99; (
Certificate Certification of academic degree, Graz University of Technology (Austria, EU); 2003
Certificate Equivalence to MSc degree, Graz University of Technology (Austria, EU); 2003


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